Why CaseClients

What CaseClients is all About

CaseClients (a division of AdMediary) is part of a highly reputable lead generation and digital advertising company with over 15 years’ experience. For over 4 years CaseClients has provided high converting, real-time legal leads to law firms across the US, generating between 7-10K leads per month. All leads are 100% exclusive (no reselling or double selling leads) and are generated via website brands such as PersonalInjuryClaimSupport.com , TotalAutoAccidentSupport.com , AmericanDisabilityClaims.com , LawsuitWinning.com , duiclaimhelp.com , and more.


High Quality Legal Leads Mean High Conversion

CaseClient’s powerful targeting allow us to send you only the leads that meet your exact requirement and who are ready to speak with you now. Once the lead matches the legal issue lead filters that you designate, we will transfer the customer to your law firm. Once the transfer is made, the lead is yours exclusively to onboard. This gives you the best opportunity to convert the lead to high paying, profit making client.


Our Lead Filters Allow You to Target the Exact Cases You Want

Because our in-take process asks many of the questions you would typically ask a new client, all of our leads come with an extensive amount of information to help you discuss the case quickly with your new client. This information or data points are items that you can use as filters to narrow the exact cases you want to pursue and pay for. Here are a few sample questions that we ask:

  • Are they completing the form or someone else?
  • Do they already have a lawyer?
  • Is it their fault?
  • Details on the exact issue for their case
  • Their contact information and location
  • And More..

What Makes Us Unique?

  • High volume availability. We process 8-10K leads per month.
  • Real-Time, 100% Exclusive
  • Customizable Campaigns
  • No Long Term Commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact us to get started. We’ll send you our Insertion Order and Terms/Conditions. Upon completion, we’ll ask you to send us your posting instructions (API into your CRM or Email instructions). Once we setup your campaigns, we will be ready to send you a few test leads. Upon confirmation of the tests, we’ll turn on the live leads. The process takes about 3-5 days depending on how fast we receive the information back from you. There could be an additional delay if your campaign is dependent on us launching a new offer in our network. Your account manager will be able to provide additional information if that’s the case.

Leads are priced based on the desired case type, geographic region, and specific filters sets. Please contact our sales team for more information and to set up a free consultation call to discuss your needs. We can send you our current price sheet.

We can transfer the lead data to you via data post or email. Simply provide us the details on how you want to receive the data and we’ll get it setup. We can also send you direct calls to a DID # you provide us, and we charge on every call that exceeds 90 seconds.

Using a wide array of online and offline advertising techniques, we are able to attract people searching for an attorney in the law areas that we cover such as auto accident, personal injury, worker’s comp, social security/disability, medical malpractice and various mass tort cases such as RoundUp, Talcum Powder, Zostavax, Hernia Mesh, 3M Ear plugs. Our advertising sources include radio/TV and direct mail as well as online mediums such as organic search, paid search, email, and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Through our user friendly landing pages and super easy in-take forms we are able to generate high quality leads that meet all of your criteria (filters). In addition, we validate all phone #’s and email addresses. We are constantly refining our lead generation techniques using extensive data analytics to ensure our partners will continue to receive only the best, high quality legal leads available, and this results in high lead to customer conversion rates.

No, you only pay for the leads you accept on a weekly or monthly basis. No pre-pays.